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Free adult coloring books and much more

Believe it or not, coloring pages are no longer only for kids! Actually, adult coloring books are flying off the shelves these days. Why do grown up people start coloring again? They have many reasons for doing this.

Many kids love to color and adults encourage this aspiration in their children. However, sooner or later people stop supporting creative activities like coloring and instead encourage more “important” academic studies. By adulthood, the thought of opening a coloring book seems ridiculous. Yet, the researchers claim that there are many benefits of this natural childhood activity for grown-ups.

beautiful mandala coloring picture

A little bit of history of coloring

I bet you didn’t know that “prescription” of coloring activity refers to the prominent psychologist Carl Jung, an early supporter of Sigmund Freud? Jung believed that coloring pages would help people access the subconscious mind.

Today, psychologists offer coloring books to their patients as a substitute to meditation because it is a perfect means of recreation. It can help people concentrate on the process of coloring fascinating detailed images for hours rather than concentrating on disturbing thoughts.

More info about history of coloring books you can find at wiki.

Why it is important for adults to color

Coloring brings people back to far easier times. This is an activity that invokes simpler times of childhood when we did not have any everyday duties and tasks, and could do whatever we wanted to do, just to enjoy it. Today, it is really pleasurable to be able to deepen into these feelings. Coloring can distract you from your problems for even a couple of hours, which can have an unusually positive effect.

half colored mandala coloring page

The same effect may be achieved while knitting, sewing, painting or drawing. Yet, coloring may be even more relaxing because there is no need to create something from scratch. This is a perfect opportunity to follow a given pattern, so there’s no need for productive activity.

Time and focus

Adult coloring pages can help people cope with monotony, lack of organization, and stress. Coloring takes time and focus, which removes the focus from the harmful thoughts. Coloring and paying attention to the safe and soothing activity can turn the negative emotional reactions down, and let human brain have so much needed soothing.

Even a short period of time spent on coloring can help improve focus and encourage creativity. Some progressive companies are even saving time for coloring activities for personnel as a way to improve group concentration during important projects.

Intellectual advantages

As if it wasn’t enough, coloring pages have intellectual advantages as well. While coloring people use both hemispheres of the brain, including frontal lobes that are responsible for the most complicated activities of the brain.

When we are considering balance, color palette, the most proper pencil, we are practicing our problem solving and organizational skills. In such a way, coloring small pictures triggers all those functions because people have to think about multifaceted color schemes to make the picture visually beautiful.


Adult coloring books obviously serve a number of purposes that are really advantageous. They can be so much more than simply coloring the black and white pages.

anti stress coloring - abstract picture with flowers

Coloring books may be calming, soothing, remedial, and problem solving. They are very useful, and the concepts behind them have withstood the test of time, even if some people call them the latest trend. Try one coloring book out and you will definitely surprise yourself. If not, at the very least you will have a cute picture to hang on a fridge!

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adults

So, if you’ve decided to sit down and relax for a few minutes… or a couple of hours scroll through these incredible free printable coloring pages for mature crowd.

That’s right, coloring pages may be absolutely free!

adult coloring book cover from amazon

Simply print them out and you can start relaxation! As you can see, these pictures aren’t from a usual coloring book for children. These are contemporary, new, advanced coloring pages made just for you.

However, if you want to enjoy more sophisticated and advanced coloring pictures, you may simply purchase them at amazon.

Adult Coloring Pages

By downloading adult coloring book in pdf format you can simply join the coloring wave and find soothing activity to make you feel relaxed and creative.

But does it actually work? Can coloring books provide relief?

You can’t tell until you try it!

Obviously, you don’t want to pay for large book only to check if coloring is your cup of tea. You can simply download a couple of pages and get lost in a magical world of secret gardens, fantastic cities, or simple geometric patterns.

free coloring picture

The very first image will allow you to understand all the benefits of coloring. When choosing more difficult pages the only challenge is to keep colors within the lines. This task requires a relaxed focus. So, like repeating a relaxing song where repetition is a way to sooth, coloring is another kind of meditation.

Each coloring page is filled with illustrations so gorgeous and complicated that you’ll be willing to color it in, even though your work only serves to highlight these amazing images. Coloring will bring joy to any adult who is searching for a creative or a soothing activity.

Best Adult Coloring Books

Keeping in mind the usefulness of coloring books, here is the top ten of the best works that will make you feel relaxed after a working day. These works were chosen for their originality, the quality of the depictions and paper and how successfully they keep us in a relaxed, anti stress zone.

  1. To begin with, real international hit is Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford. This is not simply a coloring book, but also an impressive quest. Colorists have to locate elements hidden in the enchanted forest to “open” the castle gate at the finale. Coloring pictures depicting forest inhabitants and vegetation are very detailed and the high-quality paper means pencils won’t pierce through. Genuinely gorgeous, creative images are in the centre of attention here not to mention the treasure hunt part.
  2. Graham Leslie McCallum’s Calming Colouring Nature Patterns is an unusually large coloring books consisting of more than 90 pages of woodland-inspired images. The coloring sheets are filled with leaves, petals, forest creatures and landscapes getting more and more complicated as you work through the pages.
  3. The Mindfulness Colouring Book by Emma Farrarons: this small book serves as a perfect means to soothe anxiety. Its handy size makes it appropriate for relaxing whenever and wherever you are. Since the artist used to work on textile design the colorists may observe the impact of fabric motives on some illustrations. This book is perfect for people who love strict geometric designs, complex waves and other repeating shapes.
  4. The Time Garden by Daria Song will let you enjoy a drawn story that begins with a fantastic cuckoo clock and takes you through mysterious landscapes, depicted in amazing detail. This book will show you how to mix bright splashes of color while relaxing with new set of crayons.
  5. Tropical Wonderland by Millie Marotta is an entire new world of exotic creatures. An adult coloring book filled with art so stunning and detailed that you’ll be willing to color it in, even though your own shading only serves to highlight these amazing images. You will discover the forest and find flowers, butterflies, birds, and reptiles asking for a splash of color.
  6. Animorphia by Kerby Rosanes is another example of advanced books with quests inside. You are given a key that will help you to solve the quest. At the same time you are asked to color strange objects and dangerous creatures ranging from sharks to wild cats. There’s also space for you to draw own illustrations.
  7. Dream Cities by Rosie Goodwin and Alice Chadwick: this book was inspited by the sceneries of Russia, France and England. However, there are also many mystical cityscapes for you to color. Especially for you the artists included a little quest of additional images within their stunningly complicated images.
  8. Fill Me In by Moose Allain differs from more elaborate books. Famous cartoonist invites us to get deep into his chaotic galaxy, featuring tiny people and creatures in all possible situations to be colored or doodled.
  9. Field Guide by Lucy Engelman: one more example of unusual books combining coloring pages for adults and a “field guide” as it provides colorists with interesting information about the featured animals, plants and insects. You can use your imagination while coloring them or use a coloring guide that will hint at the way they look like in reality.
  10. Color Me Good Eddie Redmayne by Mel Elliot is the best gift for adults who also appear to be fans of Eddie Redmayne. These types of books are becoming increasingly popular as many people like adding color to celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch and Taylor Swift.

Amazon Adult Coloring Books

All abovementioned coloring books may be found on Amazon. Amazon offers many different books known as “adult coloring books” that contain very intricate patterns, which might disappoint a child but are appropriate for giving grown-ups the perfect amount of relaxation and zen. You can work in coloring and create unbelievable pieces of art. If you wish you can doodle within already prepared doodles.

mandala designs coloring bookSo, if you are searching for a pleasant creative challenge, look no further. On Amazon, the books are arranged into categories. Many of the items offered are at the top of coloring books best sellers, and even at the top of all best sellers.

Also, there are many online recommendations about the type of images, the quality of the paper, and other pieces of advice for what to work with, whether you work with pens or pencils. Often, other readers will share their little masterpieces in reviews. In many ways, reviews are very useful when thinking about what to buy. Don’t skip them!

Still don’t know what kind of images you prefer? Don’t worry! Coloring books for adults are reasonably priced ($5-20), so you can buy a few items to decide what you prefer. Bear in mind that it’s far cheaper than a shrink and will provide you with hours of amusement!

Free Coloring Pages

If you find it hard to believe that coloring books may be made just for mature public you have to try free coloring pages for adults. Give these intricate images a chance and spend one evening captivated with unique and artistic designs.

colorless abstract page for coloring

Create unique images using pencils, pens, or your choice of instruments. Develop your sense of beauty to create amazing coloring pages that could be hung on the wall as a finished piece of art. Print coloring pages for free, and add some splashes of color to every image to create fun and free masterpiece.

printable free coloring pages

These days, grown-ups are learning that coloring isn’t just for children. It’s a comforting activity for people of all ages. Get a couple of free adult coloring pages on this website, and release your creativity with the complex and fun patterns and intricate illustrations asking to be filled with color. Grab those pencils or markers and get started on one of these today!

Fun Coloring Pages

Coloring books for adults depict animals, flowers or some simple geometric patterns. They may be colored by children as well. However, there’s a vast collection of books that attract more mature public. For example, this may be a satirical book for attorneys with a sense of humor, following one lawyer as he takes us through his working day. Or it may be a book with useful page allowing you to count the amount of alcohol you drink by coloring tiny beer bottles.

animal coloring books for kids and their parents

Fun coloring pages with adult comics are a great gift for friends. Bring them into lectures, and these books will offer the melancholic joys of early days mixed with the mature joys of drinking and snicker at office workers. Any book with coloring pages is an invitation to allow your mind to play, to use your imagination. Each image allows you to be inventive: coloring is about drawing, doodling, painting – and about creativity as well. And it’s actually intended to appeal to all ages.

Advanced Coloring Books

Coloring books are crafted as inexpensive stress relief, a couple of hours for mature crowd to forget about the busy life and simply spend some time with a couple of coloring pages and pencils.

Lately, sales of adult coloring books have raised, and bookshops are having trouble maintaining these books on the shelves. Taking into account the popularity of coloring activity a society of colorists is emerging around this new trend.

advanced coloring book by johanna basford

Readers use coloring pages to master their doodling skills, and share their pieces of art online. Some artists use coloring sheets as an opportunity to learn about new topics that they might not have investigated before.

In a digital world, after long hours spent in front of screens, more and more people are turning to the relaxing activities, such as coloring. Still, the advanced coloring pages are not “descendants” of the free coloring sheets offered to children at popular restaurants. These are sophisticated coloring pages, created particularly to help you relax and focus on something pleasurable.

A friend of yours is stressed out? Coloring books make perfect gifts for a friend who can’t relax. Let’s be honest, as grown-ups we often need to be told how to relax, and any coloring book is not simply a book, but a playground on a paper. Crafted with the intention of allowing the colorist’s imagination to come alive, the coloring books take readers on a fascinating journey through the original world of doodling and coloring.

simple mandala schemes for beginners

And in the end, you don’t need to throw away your small masterpiece – you can take that image and share it with other colorists online or you can hang it on your wall as part of interior decoration.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start working on your own designs right now!