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Are you inspired by Africa and the continent’s rich culture? The good news is that you can enjoy your passion on the thematic coloring pages. African elements are widespread at the contemporary art and design, so such useful coloring activity will help you to be an artistic expert with easily and fun.

African coloring books are the real continent’s artistic heritage guides where you can find striking images rendered from authentic artifacts. Shields, masks, textiles, wall and rock paintings, carved panels were the sources for these unbelievable pictures. You will repeat the patterns adapted from traditional African designs like stylized animals, totemic figures and abstract zigzags.

African coloring pages also are represented by images of nature, which realistically show the flora and fauna. The world of African plains from such books will tell you everything about a variety of irresistible wild animals (rhinoceros, giraffe, elephant, lion, alligator, etc.) in their habitats. Wonderfully that buying some of these books will be a contribution to African animal protection. Big gesture without any efforts!

There are some editions which have another interpretation of African theme. Such books display pages with the beauty of black ladies with their natural hair, great African Americans. These pictures will remind you about the lives and achievements of notable black persons. This is a good reason to think about the mankind’s history and racial tolerance. No doubt, coloring books dedicated to Africa will present you a lot of moments of interesting, learning and not trivial coloring.

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