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Stresses, busy schedule, dependence on gadgets – there are many reasons for men for choosing some relaxing and abstractive hobby. There is a good and modish alternative for fishing, football watching and beer drinking. It is about coloring. It is very difficult to imagine a guy peacefully coloring some flowers. And there is no need, the option of the coloring books for men is huge and impresses by its manifold.

Topics of Animal Coloring Book

  • airplane
  • army
  • sexy
  • sci fi
  • sport car
  • skeleton, skulls
  • tatoo
  • war

Adult Coloring Books for Men

At first, you can enjoy coloring the favorite transport. There are the classic cars of the different decades, luxury and sports models, motorcycles. Military category offers the pictures of the airplanes, jet fighters, tanks, warships and military uniforms. Political coloring books could be satirical or biographical or even dedicated to the Presidential Elections. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders are very popular heroes for such editions in the USA. It can be a good opportunity to work out your own strategy of success during the process of coloring!

Also you may find not a few variants for the lovers of history, famous cities and structures, which are photo-based and quite detailed. Besides, the artists produce many coloring books with original and fresh topics like spiders and snakes, different collections of objects (tools, for example), dragons, jokes and hot girls, social and even erotic scenes.

So, the assertion that coloring is a hobby only for kids and ladies is severely outdated. Supply and demand for the coloring books for the adult gentlemen clearly proves the wide popularity of this effective and pleasurable activity.

Adult Coloring Pages for Men