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Guys can like coloring no less than girls. But gentlemen could not be interested in flowers, animals, doodles or zentangle art. What about machinery? Airplanes, for example. It is quite another thing!

Little lovers of flight will enjoy simple pictures of propeller plane, plane passenger, plane in the hangar, airliner, the biggest plane, planes take off and others.
Airplane books for adults mostly show military planes. By means of these editions you have an opportunity to learn history of flight. You will catch out drawing reproductions of antique and historical models. You will remember and enjoy coloring of the airplanes of the First World War.

The next step will be books dedicated to the airplanes of the Second World War. Created by famous graphic artists images of fighters, bombers, reconnaissance planes are waiting for your inspiration and coloring skills. As a rule, such well-researched illustrations contain detailed information like authentic coloring markings, military role and other interesting nuances. Full color depictions on the covers will help to choose the appropriate sticks of color. Jet fighters’ enthusiasts will be happy owners of the special thematic book.

Airplane coloring book will send you flying high during this inspiriting and calming activity. These editions will make a wonderful holiday surprise for everyone who is in love with sky and metallic “birds”.

Best Airplane Coloring Book for Adults

Great American Airplanes Coloring Book

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Airplanes of World War I Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book)

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Antique Airplanes Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book)

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Airplane And Helicopter: Super Fun Coloring Books For Kids And Adults (Bonus: 20 Sketch Pages)

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Aircraft : Adult Coloring Book Vol.6: Airplane, Tank, Battleship Sketches for Coloring (Adult Coloring Book Series) (Volume 6)

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Airplane Coloring Pages for Adults