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Mandala Coloring Book

Mankind during his history always had special attitude to the things of round shape like the sun, the Earth, a wheel. Mandala for many centuries shows this peculiarity and nowadays doesn’t lose its topicality but with the modern nuances and variants, in particular, connection with coloring.

A few worlds about the origin will help to grasp the phenomenon specificity. Word “mandala” came from Sanskrit, it means a circle and it is a metaphorical symbol of a universe. This is a unique tool for the process of meditation. So, it is obvious, that mandalas for adults to color can be the most incredible and challenging designs for this hobby.

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Traditional sacred circles now have been transformed to the diversity of many interesting types. Nature, especially flower mandalas are very popular. You may encounter with the mandalas inspired by Inca, Maya, Aztec art, by Celtic style, vintage, mystical and many others. Some of these images have very interesting eloquent names like “when Harmony meets Complexity” or “walking down the stairs for eternity”. By the way, you can meet not only round mandalas, but also square and other shapes.

Besides, it is possible to choose the most comfortable way for this exciting and helpful activity: pages from websites, published editions or even online version for your gadget, which allows not only color but even design your own creations and share them with your friends.

Mandala coloring book will be a wonderful present for your mind and health. It will help you to find tranquility, needed balance, fully relaxation and deep inner calm. Mandala is a little world to enter where you meet your true self.