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For new Zentangle enthusiasts, the initial tangles (usually recognized as the “official tangles”) are those invented and presented by Zentangle HQ — specifically Zentangle designs by Rick Roberts, his partner Maria Thomas and her children Molly Hollibaugh and Martha Huggins.

It is worth mentioning that not all designs invented by Maria and Rick are presented on the Internet. This seems only fair when you think about it because profits from instructing patterns is a significant part of their earnings.

The initial “102 Tangles” (today nearly 158) Zentangle tangles, which aren’t presented in the Internet are held in reserve for Certified Zentangle Teachers or CZT and are not likely to be issued in a Zentangle book or on the Web as certified instructors are persuaded not to issue designs, which haven’t been officially introduced by their creators Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Therefore, there are some rare designs instructors prefer to show in their master classes, which are not accessible otherwise.

Nevertheless, all the best Zentangle patterns, which do have official online drawing rules may be found online.

At first there used to be 102 official tangles, yet after a while new design that meet the requirements of a tangle have been openly introduced and these may be found online as well. This initial list is updated when fresh tangles are invented.

Every Zentangle is an exceptional artistic design and there are hundreds of variations. Start with basic patterns, then create your own.

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