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For many people in this dynamic society, it’s difficult to discover means to relax, not in front of a TV. At the same time we all have a friend practicing yoga and telling us that if we would just try it would change our lives. Ok, probably it would. However, yoga and other spiritual practices are not for everyone. For those who can’t just sit down and switch off, mandala is the best choice.

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So, what is a Mandala? Well, mandalas may be recognized as contemporary means of meditation for all people – young and old. The term Mandala (mon-dah-lah) is borrowed from Sanskrit – old Indian language. It translates as “circle,” though mandala is much more than a mere circular shape. It symbolizes unity, and may be treated as an outline for the life itself – celestial figure reminding humanity of the tie with the universe that intertwines with our minds and bodies. Symbolizing both earthy and heavenly, mandala may be found in all elements of human existence: the Sun, the Moon, in addition to the circles of relatives and associates.

How to work with mandala?

For starters, choose a mandala. Its look has to be aesthetically alluring so as to attract your mind completely. Let your busy mind relax and release your creative mind.

You need to either know the inner connotation of the selected mandala or come up with your own idea behind the pattern before working with it. When this is done, you can start focusing on the drawing. If you start feeling frightened or if your thoughts get back to daily matters, simply relax and refocus on the circle.

The pattern of mandala differs consistent with the tradition, in which it’s created. A traditional pattern might incorporate a square (standing for the universe and earthy issues) inside a circle. The additional geometrical shapes are used in accordance with the symbolism being reflected. Typical mandalas stand for cosmology by use of uncomplicated symbols, or may incorporate depictions of gods and scenery.

Pay special attention to the use of color. There are cultural and spiritual associations ascribed to every color used in mandala. However, the only person to decide the best shade for your mandala is you. Let your choice be intuitive. The mandala enthusiasts explain that once you start coloring mandala, a dialogue appeared between your hand, your eyes and your inner self. Try not to think much, and you will feel the soothing power of mandala.