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Works of talented artist Steve McDonald were showcased in galleries, TV documentaries and different publications. He travelled through his native Canada and many other countries and decided to express his travelling passion in authorial coloring books.

Edition “Fantastic Structures” contains breathtaking detailed drawings of famous wonderful buildings and other structures from around the world. On these pages you will find beautiful masterpieces of architecture from six continents like Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, Antoni Gaudis Casa Batllo and many others. Cityscapes lovers will be delighted with McDonald’s book for coloring “Fantastic Cities” with photo-based unique urban images.

“Fantastic Collection” was created inspired by museum collections, antiques, quirky toys, vintage cameras, store product displays, leaves. This book will teach you to notice beauty of usual things.

Each Steve McDonald’s picture you will want to awake to life with the help of color. Steve’s coloring sheets are for patient and advanced colorists, but coloring isn’t a race, but meditation. During this interesting affair you can relive your memories from journeys or dream and plan the next one. One more advantage is that choosy gentlemen also appreciate Steve’s coloring themes.

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