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Holidays make our life calendar richer and more interesting. They also help us to feel the unrepeatable atmosphere of the season. Thanksgiving is one of the most favorite ones and it provides different pleasant preparations. We propose you to add one more tradition to the holiday list. It is Thanksgiving coloring!

All family members will enjoy this helpful and fun hobby. For children it is a wonderful way to find out something new about the origin of this tradition and waste time when grown-ups are busy. For adult ladies and gentlemen it could be a chance to mention some historical moments about their country and relax after the cumulus of preparations.

Thanksgiving coloring books contains the classical holiday images of corm, harvest basket and festival, cornucopia, pilgrim girls, boys and ships, Native American children. You will repeat all menu points from your Thanksgiving dinner on the colored pages – turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies and cakes. Wonderful leaf patterns will underline the charming autumn air. Some editions give you the opportunity to paint cute flamboyant cards and postcards for your relatives and friends.

Except traditional realistic pictures you can enjoy many interesting creative coloring styles like Thanksgiving doodles, zentangles or mandalas. No doubt, such coloring will make the fourth Tuesday of November unforgettable and more pleasant.


Best Thanksgiving Coloring Books for Adults

Creative Haven Autumn Scenes Coloring Book (Adult Coloring)

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Thanksgiving Adult Coloring Book: 32 Thanksgiving Holiday Designs Coloring Pages (Adult Coloring Books)

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Thanksgiving Adult Coloring Books: Thanksgiving Holiday Coloring Pages Featuring Turkeys, Fall Coloring Pages, and Stress Relieving Autumn Coloring Pages

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