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Zentangles are a new trend in the universe of paper arts. In 2005, the Zentagle idea was invented when calligrapher Maria Thomas and her friend, former Buddhist monk, Rick Roberts recognized the state of relaxation while drawing as a means of meditation. Together they invented a system encouraging other people to experience similar feelings. You can find more information about the Zentangle concept here.

zentangle coloring page

Today, there are lots of books on the market written by Certified Zentangle Teachers that let new Zentangle fans broaden imagination and improve the tangling experience. Zentangle books invite you to join the current major trend in artistic relaxation. Having pencil, pen and a piece of paper you’ll be able to find out how to create innovative patterns and learn the ideas encouraging you to incorporate these patterns into your own art.

For newbies it is highly recommended to pay attention to Zentangle books for beginners. These manuals will provide you with the fundamental steps of working on Zentangle pattern followed by tips on contrast, shading, color and depth. Pay attention to the fact that many books teach the ideas of Zentagles, as well as offer fun doodling exercises.

With benefits counting stress relief, creativity, and better self-worth, Zentangle books may be done anywhere and no particular skill is required. Finished Zentagles may be used to decorate interior design items as well as cards, letters or scrapbook pages. What’s more, you can enjoy tangling even if you’ve never painted anything before.