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During many centuries the whimsical characters of mermaids capture human’s imagination. These mystical aquatic girls with tails of fish are mentioned in myth and folktales of ancient Africa, Syria, the British Isles and other cultures.

Mermaids as magical combination of sea and land became the main heroines of books and movies. Nowadays you also can enjoy coloring the exciting depictions of charming water nymphs on pages of special thematic editions.

In children’s world mermaids got their popularity thanks to Walt Disney movie “The Little Mermaid”. Young ladies will appreciate the visual retelling of Ariel’s story and other cute pictures of underwater scenes with pretty little mermaids.

Images for adults surely look like the works of art. Incredibly beautiful mermaids are shown in a company of their little babies, mermen, dolphins and different aquatic creatures. Illustrations for world’s myths about these alluring creations often contain brief stories near each picture. Depictions of some editions repeat famous Hans Christian Andersen’s touching story about amorous mermaid.

Some publishers create stained glass coloring books inspired by mermaids theme. When the completed works are taped to a sunny window the images shine like through colored glass. Such pages could be used for creation lampshades and mobiles.

By means of mermaid coloring book you will be taken away from everyday routine to the atmosphere of noble ocean and wonderful fantasy world of captivating and unearthly characters.

Mermaids Coloring Book for Adults

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Mermaids Coloring Pages for Adults