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Are you a dog person? Are you exited about modish hobby of coloring? There is a fun method to combine both these interests. It is about dog coloring book.

Now such editions are not just for children with primitive simple images of cute puppies with bones, balls and bowls. Adult dog funs will estimate the endeavors of modern illustrators.

You can enjoy options of realistic pictures with interesting backyards, landscapes and other backgrounds. Many books are arranged by breed. So, after such coloring experience during your next walk in the park you won’t confuse, for example, Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever or Schnauzer Terrier and Wire Fox Terrier. Detailed live images give the opportunity of shading in the dog’s fur for skilled colorists.

But creators don’t limit themselves by copying of reality. There are many admirable variants with hilarity, invention and artistic view. You may color fashionable dogs in hats, glasses and scarves, or dog portraits on the fond of dazzling patterns, or even dog silhouettes patterned with different shapes, for instance, stripes, paisley, flowers and other.

You can make choice not only about the style. Would you prefer printable pages from websites or published books, choosing of pencils or coloring by number without any decision pressure?

Such coloring theme will give you a lot of positive emotions. And coloring dog is a good reason for you (and your kids) to think about duties, responsibility, destiny of homeless animals and also about friendship, joyfulness and unselfish love. Who knows, maybe this pleasurable activity will be the beginning of some charity act and special relationship in future?

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