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Usually cats make us smile and admire about their corselet and sagacity. Cat persons will appreciate the diversity of cat coloring books on the real and virtual shop shelves. The list of feline options will surprise you!

The first category contains cartoonish and realistic pictures. Often they are accompanied by some information about the breeds, and give the possibility to play with fur shading and texture. Illustrators made a lot of interesting images with quilts, baskets and also scenes with a focus on some funny situation.

Beside the folksy style there are number of more whimsical variants: grumpy cats, pages based on popular cartoons, fashionable cats with accessories (even wigs), mystical instances, filled with Zentangle-like patterns, cat-a-doodles.

Creators put coloring book cats in the most unbelievable circumstances like cats in Paris and Venice, in their place throughout history, instead of people in the most popular pieces of classic artwork.

Cats to color and print and book pages are created for stress relieving and relaxing. No doubt, the effect will be double because of creative activity and presence of cats’ unique charisma.

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