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Zentangle is an apposite choice for finders trendy, relaxing and creative hobby. So, what is zentangle, what does it mean and bring in your life? Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas – the originators of a registered trademark of Zentangle – introduce this activity as drawing non-objective black and white patterns by means of simple deliberate strokes.


You will need special small square of paper (9sm × 9sm) which calls a “tile”, a pen (Sakura Micron pen is suggested and will make the process more pleasant) and some time to understand the principles. As well, you can use the qualified help of Certified Zentagle Teacher (CZT).

Advantages and dignities of drawing the tangles are ostensive – the result of your work will surprise, because the tangle patterns are nonrepresentative and you will never receive, for example, the outlines of face, bird or flower. You shouldn’t worry about a creation of something specific, you can begin from the either side and do it by any hand, it will be done in a quarter, you can make a picture in any place because of its portability. You don’t need rubbers and other aids, seeing this type of art gives only opportunities and even involuntary mistake just leads to an originative chance. Also it is possible to combine the tiles into a unique mosaic.

There is also the extended version of the Zentangle Method, when you can break the rules – Zentangle-inspired art (ZIA) – in this case it is permitted to create Something, use different colors and make shading with a pencil.

Some beginners can equal tangling (term for creating a Zentangle, there is no “zentangling”) and a Doodle, but the experienced supporters of this hobby are convinced of the big difference between these occupations. The first is for the purpose, tile gives a foundation and provides the effect of “clean brain”, while we are doodling aimlessly with busy thoughts during some situation like talking on the phone or waiting for the end of a boring lesson.

After some practice of this breathtaking hobby you will have answers to a question “what is zentangle art for me?” And it will be – meditation, inspiration, fun, problem solving and many others. Tiny energies – great effects!