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A tree is a symbol of life, family and fertility. In many countries different trees even have special places in their history. Trees coloring book would be a perfect gift for all nature lovers.

For the smallest guys such funny activity could be a good opportunity for explanations about different weather, harvest and geography. Images of spring flowering tree, winter bare tree, tree in the wind, tree with no leaves, dead tree, tree with roots, evergreen tree will be great illustrations for such useful conversation. And babyish trees pictures with cute faces will cause your children’s smiles.

For adults trees coloring pages also give a chance to deep their knowledge of dendrology. You can meet real trees coloring encyclopedia with close-up details of distinctive features like fruits, seeds, bark, leaves. These images are supplemented with full descriptive captions and glossary, and even for your convenience all trees examples are shown in-full-color on covers. Now you will be able to identify not only familiar apple or cherry tree, oak or maples, but also yew, acacia, aspen, cedar tree and many others.

You can choose pictures of deciduous trees or conifers. There are even special editions dedicated to trees of concrete territory, for example, the trees of the Northeast of the USA.

In case you are bored with realistic depictions, you can try delicate tree zentangle pictures. Also leaves and forest coloring books could add more pleasure for your inner nature enthusiast.

Best Trees Coloring Books

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Keep Calm and Color – Tranquil Trees Coloring Book (Adult Coloring)

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Creative Haven Beautiful Trees Coloring Book (Adult Coloring)

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